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Serving New Jersey's Atlantic & Cape May Region

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JP- St BalddricksExciting news from AC Pickleball

AC Pickleball joins the fight against childhood cancer by donating a portion of all clothing, Paddles and balls sales to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

For every clothing item or dozen balls sold $1.00 will go to the foundation.   For every paddle sold $5.00 will go to the donation.   AC Pickleball will present the full amount as we support our liaison Joey Palumbo in March 2020.    As always, additional donations are welcomed.

Join the fight against childhood cancer!!!

Current Total Donation $37.00

Engage Pickleball Paddletek Pickeball

Demo Paddles from Engage and Paddletek

Come and try best paddles in the sport

Making Tennis Courts Great Again

Premier Pickleball Camp

Ocean City, NJ

Saturday August 17th, 2019

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


To Register:


Premier Pickleball Camp
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Total Turf St. Patricks Day Tournament


DO Dinkers were in action at Total Turf's St. Patrick's Day Tournment, March 15 - 17.



Bracket /
Age Group
Name Club Finish
  Men's Doubles Open
Peter Junggren AC Pickleball Gold
Ed Klarman SJ Pickleball
  Men's Doubles 4.5
  19+, 50+, 60+
Peter Junggren AC Pickleball Gold
Ed Klarman SJ Pickleball
  Men's Doubles 3.5
Chris Giannascoli AC Pickleball Gold
Bill Barber
  Men's Doubles 3.5
Joe Hong AC Pickleball Bronze
John Crompton
  Women's Doubles 2.5
  50+, 60+
Janet Forman SJ Pickleball Gold
Stephanie Hollander AC Pickleball
  Mixed Doubles 3.5
Harry Bittner AC Pickleball Gold
Maryanne McComb
  Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5
Joey Palumbo AC Pickleball Gold
Jaime Brown
  Mixed Doubles 2.5/3.0
 50+, 60+
Bruce Walsh AC Pickleball Gold
Felicia Barber
  Mixed Doubles Open Joey Palumbo AC Pickleball Bronze
Mary Bittner  

Jungren-Kglarman Gianniscoli-Barber Hong-Crompton Forman-Hollander
Klarman / Junggren Barber / Giannascoli Crompton / Hong Forman / Hollander
Bruce and Felicia Harry and Maryanne Joey and Jaime Joey and Mary
Barber / Welch Bittner / McComb Palumbo / Brown Bittner / Palumbo

So... What is Your Skill Level???


Here is a simple way to help you anylize your skill level and help you define the skills needed to move to the next level.

If you can answer "YES" to 5 questions on the section move on to the next level.


Self Ranking
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Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen) Rules explained PERFECTLY

The most complete Kitchen Rule video EVER

Watch it HERE.


Tips for Playing Up or Down

Here are some tips everyone can use when playing players at different levels that their own.

Tips For playing Up   Tips For Playing Down

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